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Huntington Bay Construction Complaints & Reviews

Huntington Bay Construction - Indiana, Huntington / Poor Work/Had To Replace

Jun 19, 2015

Hired company to perform reno on my home nearly 10 years ago. Having roof replaced after 9 years because they did not replace or change any of the rotted plywood on the roof, use proper shingles, or ice shield, causing leaks and water damage all over my home. Additionally, when we had vinyl siding put up, it was found the HBC installed the new windows without changing obviously rotted plywood on the outside of the home. Upon recent renovation of our basement, we found shoddy plumbing fixes, electrical work that almost burned our house down, and quick slap jobs here and there. All of the work...

Huntington Bay Construction - New York, Huntington / failure to perform

Dec 11, 2011

1 defective installation of floors, did not use glue, did not use tonque and groove, both had been specified by architect, both had been agreed upon in writing, refused to remedy, refused to refund 2 defective installation of hurricane rods, installed the rod into the plate board, made it look like it was done right, whereas in fact he never installed the required anchor underneath the board in the concrete foundation, thus rendering the hurricane rod useless. Deceived the building inspector and sued me to get additional pay for the rod installation. 3 defective installation of ridge beams, did...