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Housing Loan Complaints & Reviews

Housing Loan / Interest raised with out information

Feb 6, 2013

Mental health patient in danger of losing home Posted on 21 January 2013 by Teresa Yeo 220 20 Sajitkumar T K Vasudevan, 48, resident of Taman Nusa Indah Johor Bahru lost his job as production executive at Premier Vegetable Oil Pasir Gudang when his management discovered (after he was employed and not during the interview) that he was being treated for depression at the Permai Hospital. Unable to make regular payments on his housing loan, he is now hounded by the bank and faces legal action for defaulting on his loan. A clinically depressed Sajitkumar declared well by hospital. In 2010, Sajit...

Housing Loan / No disbursement

Aug 22, 2011

Dear Sir/madam: This is the 2nd time I loadged the complaint for the same issue.We received letter of approval from bank lawyer K Nadarajah & partner acting on CIMB, Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor.for Property Pt41054, Mukim Dengkil, Desa Pinggiran Putra on 13 April 2010.We are yet to receive the disbursement frm CIMB till to-date.Can you take immediate action as ccc will be issued by this month.Thanks for your action. Chai Kheng Boon

Housing Loan / Maybank housing loan term and condition is just a joke


Before i go further, i would like to share some of my background. I am a Johorian, and I am a happy house owner, just bought my first house about 1 and half year ago. and I gave my first try to maybank for my housing loan. The customer service officer talking to me was nice and friendy, and so i got approved for my housing loan, and of course i signed a agreement with bank. Everything seems ok until this fire insurance payment came in. first thing, as i mentioned this is the first house i being owned, and i don know, or i thought the fire insurance had been included within my MRTA, and i am...

Housing Loan / How AmBank Milk The Customer


Palestinian and Israel situation in Malaysia This is how AmBank gave their customer. I have problems paying my housing installments, so I took RM13, 000 from my KWSP to pay my house installments. But AmBank refused to take it as installments payment but as one time payment. This only benefited AmBank only. They continued to charge me late payment penalties and interest that very month itself. As it is not fair to me and the fault with the bank, I refused to pay all the penalties and interest. Technically, I had over paid them by about 18 months installments. They continue to add penalties every...