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Household Van Lines Complaints & Reviews

Household Van Lines - California, Hollywood / They lost one box and stopped to communicate

Jul 15, 2015

We used the storage services of the company Household Vanlines. We left several boxes in their storage place and it was terrible. They overcharged us and we haven’t received one box back. We still have no idea where the remaining box was, because the company stopped to communicate with us, when we haven’t found the box with items. This experience has been bad, but we hope that it will help other people.

Household Van Lines - Florida, Hollywood / They lost my stuff and refused to provide compensation

Sep 21, 2014

I moved my stuff recently and used the services of the company Household Vanlines. I was disappointed, ‘coz they lost my 4 boxes and told that they would provide compensation or any refund. I was shocked, ‘coz I lost too much. I decided to warn other people about it. You will lose something if you decide to deal with them. Not recommended company and better avoid the, I wonder if there are people, who have the same problems and what have you done in such situation, please post comments.