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Hour Eyes Complaints & Reviews

Hour Eyes / Eyeglass frames are junk

Jan 31, 2011

Went to hour eyes in manassas virginia last may to get new glasses. the problem is the less than 6 months later the frames are coming apart. have been back to have them adjust the frames but they are still loose. i ended up paying as much at hours eyes through my insurance company than i could have gone to another place and got name brand frames for less. my suggestion, stay away from hour eyes even if your insurance company presses you to do so. call your insurance company and ask to speak to the patient avocate if they still want you to go to hour eyes. there is no service after the sale at hour eyes as far as i can see.

Hour Eyes - Virginia, Fairfax / Lack of Customer Service


There were some major issues with the Fair Oaks Mall location of Hour Eyes. First, the manager is very hard to deal with. She does not listen to the customer. I had two major issues that took a lot of research to get straighten out. The first issue was that the sales rep I had, basically did not know what my insurance benefits were. This seemed very unprofessional because my insurance was on the sign that was posted at the entrance and it is one of the big insurance companies they accept. I asked if I could buy my contacts lenses and lenses for my glasses separate (it costs $145 per lens). He...