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Oct 09, 2015

I booked a room at a Ramada hotel believing I was on the Ramada website. Went through the booking process to get a room at $59.49 and was shocked when I confirmed the booking that I was being charged $95.20 including unidentified "fees and taxes". The total when booked directly with Ramada would have been only $67.82. Taking away the $8.33 tax, that still a $20 (30%) markup, which is scandalous when you are not aware in advance of what the final total will be. On their website in the FAQ they state that if you find a lower price on another website within 24 hours of booking, they will match... / incorrect booking, no refund

Sep 13, 2014

They are horrible. They booked a smoking room for me and my children when we clearly emphasized a non-smoking room over the phone during booking, and were assured that is what they were booking. Arrived at the hotel, to only have smoking rooms available and they said hotel savings booked a smoking room, knowing that is all they had. $263.00 they took and refuse to refund saying it is the hotels fault. I never stayed at the hotel. The hotel says this is not the first time they have seen them do this to customers. NEVER USE HOTEL SAVINGS. They lie, cheat, and steal to get business. / Fraud

May 02, 2014

I went on the website which I though was the hotels website. After booking a received an email from the amount of $118 a piece for two rooms ended up being $304.77. I was not happy but did not feel like fighting it. On 5/2/14 I was attempting to check into changing my online reservation with while on their link provided in their emil my son(9months old) pushed a button. I then received an email stating my reservation had been canceled and if this was done in error to contact the number. The email was received at 7:19 am. I contacted the number at 7:22 am and... / Booking was non-refundable.

Feb 19, 2013

I went online to HotelSavings.Com site because they advertised a good rate for the hotel that I wanted. I booked the room, received a confirmation, and the hotel has never received the booking. I called the company and they said that I could not cancel or receive a refund because the booking was non-refundable.