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Hot Ride Motors Complaints & Reviews

Hot Ride Motors / Ripped of at Hot Ride Motors

Sep 29, 2011

I won a car on ebay called and chatted with frank a large number of times asked many qustions was told the 1991 mercedes was in perfect shape and would be a wonderful car for a good many years i said that i would be taking the amtrack train from wisconsin there they said ok we will pick u up i thought wow thats nice i road 30 hours on the amtrak got there some guy that didnt speak english came picked me up after 50 mins and went there came in asked to see my car ow its out being detailed and i said ow ok that sounds great it was almost time to go they said so lets do the paper work i said ok...

Hot Ride Motors / I became another victim of this awful company

Sep 22, 2011

I was looking for a Geo Tracker. After looking at several I came across one on eBay that caught my eye. I ran a carfax which came back indicating it was not a salvage or wrecked vehicle. After viewing the pictures and running a carfax decided to contact the seller asking if the car had rust, (since it was located in the Philadelphia area), smoked or had any engine leaks (indicating excessive engine wear). Told them where I lived and asked that if I flew in to pick the vehicle up if it would get me home without breaking down. This was the response: "Hello! No rust. No smoke. No known leak...

Hot Ride Motors / I am another victim of these folks

Jul 4, 2011

I am another victim of these folks. Bought a 1991 Volvo Wagon via E-bay Item number 190304607336 listed as good. Piece of junk, so bad I need to donate or sell as a parts only vehicle. Can't anybody stop this abuse?