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Host Jewellery Complaints & Reviews

Host Jewellery / Received Offer by Mail on 11-10-10


WARNING! This company is still at it ... I wanted to make sure to THANK everyone who posted their complaints on this site and others against this company! I had received their offer today on Nov. 10, 2010 through the postal mail. I thoroughly read their letter and it really sounded so good; but due to being burnt in the past and known from experience, there is a lot of scams out there. I just don't know how the scammers can face themselves in the mirror every morning; but apparently they have no conscience whatsoever to speak of. Their day of reckoning is coming for their actions against...

Host Jewellery - Ontario, Thunder Bay / scam


I wish I had read up on the complaints first before I gave them my credit card. I only wish I had a phone number to get a hold of them to try and cancel the order before it is too late. They take your $, give crappy supplies and not enough supplies so you have to send an additional $61 for another kit just to get started. I fell victim to them as I am desperate for some income while doing courses, and they love desperate people. Now I'm a little more broke but alot smarter about scams. Dam people, making us look so freakin stupid for falling for this crap.

Host Jewellery - Ontario, Thunder Bay / Home Job Scam


The website boasts you can make $570 every week at home making bracelets. Well I have recieved the package today and the beads are black and white and plain and so lied when it said "your package will arrive with easy-to-understand instructions that even a child could follow". The diagram provided is not even that clear. I do not believe you can get paid good money for making 30 of their bracelets. I personally would not pay good money to buy theirs when there are so many beautiful ones out there with better looking colorful beads!!! Surprise, surprise!!! Now I am just finding out...

Host Jewellery - Ontario, Thunder Bay / not entirely legit


I made an order before reading the scam reports. I called my credit card company & asked them to decline the purchase, but it had already gone through (the same day I made the order). I wrote Host a letter asking for a refund as I find it hard to work with the very small beads. Nothing. A week later I get the package with the impossible instructions & small plastic beads, & ridiculous beading needle. I worked all day and couldn't get through the first 5 steps. In the past I worked for an upscale jewellery making business...I could work at home. I wasn't made to purchase my material...