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Hospitality Complaints & Reviews

Hospitality / credit card fraud


I signed up for a small shipping and handling fee with Raven media, with Grant funding solutions, and Google pay day. They charged me the small fee but today i found another charge on the credit card. So i would like to cancel all future dealings. I will also send you a certified letter as soon as possible. I cant seem to find a custmer service telephone number or i would use that. please dont charge any more on the credit card. Thank you Carl morris

Hospitality - Oregon, Seaside / Cyber bullies!


Bart, Kim, Keel, Stacey, Cory, Striderq, Margaret, Duane, Tom, & Robert. Who are these people and what do they all have in common? With no vested interest in me or my dispute with Accor's Seaside, Oregon, Motel 6, they have all attacked me personally, repeatedly, made disparaging comments and made pejorative remarks about me on [redacted].com. This is by definition, Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is willful and involves recurring or repeated harm inflicted through the medium of electronic text. Bullying intends to cause emotional distress and has no legitimate purpose to the choice of...

Hospitality - Oregon, Seaside / Scam and cheating!


The fun doesn't stop after you have a consumer complaint. Then the attorneys take the handoff. Take this example of duplicity for example: Seaside Motel 6 Manager, Lee Judson, disrespected my wife and me by putting us on his nefarious Do Not Rent list claiming we were nasty people; I complained. His attorney said they made four "good faith" efforts to resolve the matter. Sure, and here is what they were: 1. 11/21/06 We were told we were taken off the list; oh goodie, when I got that letter I tried to make a reservation and was informed I couldn't because they have TWO Do Not Rent...

Hospitality - Oregon, Seaside / SERENDIPITY? NOT!


I've got a couple of AccorNazis, one regular, the other new, sniping at me on [redacted], this is my most recent reply: You guys are totally missing the point here, if you don't mind my saying so. The Seaside, Oregon Motel 6 and the room aren't the issue - never were. I'm not expecting you to understand all of this, but when you become a Senior Citizen and probably disabled, time being the enemy of us all, and all of a sudden you find your life style has changed dramatically, pensions and Social Security not being all they're cracked up to be, you'll start clipping...

Hospitality - Oregon, Seaside / Harassment


There are people, especially on [redacted], that I call AccorNazis, that insist on nipping at my heels like some rabid chihuahua over this Motel 6 deal. I've got enough materiel to write my book, I don't need to keep posting, but they won't leave me the hell alone. So I feel I have to respond to their demented ravings. Here's the latest: A JURY WILL DECIDE WHO’S BEEN NAUGHTY OR NICE – [redacted] 12/11/07 To reiterate: 1. My wife filled out the comment card left in the room for that purpose and didn't even really ask for a refund for being assigned a...