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Horrible Customer Service Complaints & Reviews

Horrible Customer Service - Texas, Snyder / services

Jul 14, 2018

The lady at the front desk in Snyder, TX has been extremely rude as sh refuses to bring her customers extra towels. She didn't even want to page the housekeeper, really!?!? All she says was, come to the front and get them yourself. We have never stayed at a place where they refuse to bring you extra towels. This rude lady obviously doesn't understand what "customer service" stands for. Who in the world hired her?!?

Horrible Customer Service - Arizona, Phoenix / returns department

May 22, 2018

I returned items back in October 2017. I never received a refund, so I contacted FN. After speaking with like 3 different people, one finally verified and apologized that the Returns Dept never processed the return but they did track it. Then, they refunded me HALF of my return AS IF I was the one who sent it back late. No, they lost it, that's why it wasn't processed within 30 days. It's now May 2018 and I have yet to get back my FULL return. I can never speak to the same person. If I did, it would make everything easier and be solved. But instead, I have to reiterate and explain the...

Horrible Customer Service / going nowhere with their customer service

Oct 25, 2017

They refused to release my money stating they suspect my selling items are unauthentic then trick me to provide my SS and Driver license in order for them to release my money. Once I provided, they suspend my account and hold my money for 90 days even though I provided proof that my selling items are authentic, I even have satisfaction comments from my buyers. Then they said in order to release my money, i will have to provide proof of purchase of all of the items I sold on my accounts. Who in the world would have receipts of all "USED" items sold on here? This request is ridiculous. I've been...