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Horizon Utilities Complaints & Reviews

Horizon Utilities - Ontario, Hamilton / Overbilling and false usage statements

Aug 19, 2014

Opened my latest Horizon electricity bill today. My rate for the last two months equalled what it did in the dead of our very cold winter when I was running baseboard heaters 24/7. The amazing thing about that is I dont run those energy hog baseboard heaters in the summer and I dont have an air conditioner or even fans of any kind. Now heres the kicker. I was away for two weeks in June and unplugged everything yet my bill is equal to what it was in the winter when I use by far the most electricity. According to my usage report I used as much power as I did in the winter. That is not even possible. Horizon is engaging in criminal over billing and providing bogus usage statements plain and simple.

Horizon Utilities - Ontario, Hamilton / reasonable security deposits

Jul 08, 2013

My complaint starts with how much of a security deposit do the hydro need and please /why their is no control about this problem.When I contacted the hydro company to show on my bill how much they are holding as security I was tould that they are not required to show this as they have roughly 1000.00 dollers and every bill this is increased by 50 to 100 dollers per billt.This is a residential acount for a home that is not a rental, last bill was around 160 dollers plus 100 dollers, this bill 143 dollers plus 50 their has to be some control . They have more than 1 year worth of hydro in addvance and contiue to charge a security deposit this has to come to an end. Any help would be great thanks . Kevin Finlan