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Sep 30, 2014

The company is really bad. Their managers aren’t professionals and behave themselves like real jerks. They didn’t care about customer’s problems and they didn’t help you, when you reach them and ask for help. The company is really bad, so better don’t deal with them. Their manager thought that they were the best, but in reality they were unprofessional and stupid. Share this info in order to warn other people. / They took too much money from me

Aug 31, 2014

I searched for the good company and found the website I called them and the rep promised really good stuff and services, so I believed and decided to try it. At the beginning I asked to provide the consultation, and the rep told that it was completely for free if I bought from them their services or package of services. I agreed, but after I paid for the services, they charged me for the consultation as well. Really dishonest company, so please post comments and share your views about it.