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Homesaver Real Estate LLC Complaints & Reviews

Homesaver Real Estate LLC - Florida, Stuart / my mortgage that you had an refinanced by b of a

Oct 31, 2018

Trying to close a cash deal on my home but old mortgage from B of A and refinanced by B of A is not showing in county records, they never recorded it...they could not refinance in 2013 without paying off their existing B of A loan from 2007. Quote " the loan form 2007 was purged and we don't have it we need to research it". You refinance, and it and it was your loan originally [censored]. So, we can't close...remember I am in Florida dealing with Florida mentality and work ethic...I just need to show the loan they had and refinanced in 2007 was satisfied... need a contact asap. All loans done with B of A...go figure [protected]

Homesaver Real Estate LLC - Florida, Stuart / Hold on check

Aug 31, 2016

I am a realtor go through this all the time with #wellsfargo. Received check under $5, 000 from title company drawn on a major bank here in Florida and across country. Wells Fargo still wants to put a 10 day hold. first time I let go and it did take almost 10 days to clear every other time I yelled complained and got a customer rep online from the complaint department, it clear it in 24 hours wow. it can be done in an age where we take pictures of checks to deposit they still want to hold a check for 10 days unacceptable. #waynegebhardt #homesaverreealestate