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HOMEPLAY-V Complaints & Reviews

HOMEPLAY-V / I was debited without authorization


These people just overdrafted my debit card by charging me $19.95 for something that I did not order. I don't even know who these people are. I am on social security and on a very tight budget. I need my money back. It's only the 7th of March and now I have absolutely no money to tide me over for the rest of the month. Is there anything I can do? The only way I can figure, is that they got my card number off the internet. That is how I pay my bills. This has to stop.

HOMEPLAY-V - Montana / unauthorized debit card withdrawls


I called the numbers listed in the complaints and got a customer service rep named Whitney. She asked me my last name and I asked what her last name was. She then asked for the mailing address and I told her that I wasn't giving that information yet because I feel like I may be getting scammed. I got her last name and then gave her mine. She didn't need my address after all. She told me that the order was canceled and there wouldn't be any further charges to my debit card. I told her that she's damn right, that in 10 business days my debit card will be canceled and a new...

HOMEPLAY-V / Charging me monthly for nothing


This company has charged me $16.95 per month from February through October. Scary part is, they are charging me either from my debit card or checking account. I don't know who they are or what they sell. I have called twice and the people who answer the phone don't or won't give out any details. They mailed me a refund form, but how did this happen in the first place ??