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Hollywood Video Complaints & Reviews

Hollywood Video / Awful Service

Jun 06, 2011

I rented a few movies in the summer of 2008. I moved away for college and I forgot all about them and started receiving collections notices in the spring of 2009. I went to the store, settled the debt with the manager (returned the movies and paid about 20 dollars). Now, it's on my credit as still in collections in the SPRING of 2011 and I can't get in touch with anyone at the corporate level. It just kept me from renting my first home, despite that I have a cosigner. I greatly need this resolved ASAP and have no idea how to do it.

Hollywood Video / Fraud

Feb 19, 2011

I received a notice from National Credit Solutions, LLC (dated January 24th) of an alleged "debt, " related to the now-bankrupt Hollywood Video company. The "notice" does not detail what the charges might be for, but does display a "current balance." I never got a notice from the actual Hollywood Video company about any unpaid charges previous to this notice. Because the store location I used to use has been gone for a year or more, this made me exceedingly suspicious. This is a scam. These are con artists, who have developed a clever psychological scam. They prey upon the worries of persons who...

Hollywood Video - Maryland / Late Fees.................

Feb 01, 2011

I received a letter from National Credit Soultions, LLC dated 1/24/2011. It said that I owed Hollywood Video $244.83 for late fees on movie rentals. First of all I had that I could have out 3 movies/games at a time with NO late fees. I never received any letter from Hollywood video about late fees and when I was in the store nobody told me I had and late fees. I called National Credit Soultions, LCC who now holds the debt. I was told I would have to prove I paid. When I asked for a name/address/ phone number to contact Holly video, I was told there was no contact information!! When I asked "Michelle" the...

Hollywood Video - Kansas, Hutchinson / i dont owe you money!!

Feb 01, 2011

I just received a letter I owe 125.00 in 30 days to Hollywood Video!! What?? I was one of your best customers that kept you in business, and now I owe you!? I've been trying to call all day and got a busy signal, just got a recording closed to the weather. So I have 30 days to reach you, if not collections. I will win and you will have to pay all the attorneys fees. This is ridiculous!!!

Hollywood Video - Washington, Olympia / saying i owe them money when they have been closed for over a year


i just went to check ou tmy credit for a loan that should be clean. then this pops up that i owe money to a closed video store before they closed i returned all videoes plus i was a gold member which means they charge me monthly to rent movies and have to return videos before i can rent more let me just say i rented at the westside olympia hollywood video for over ten years spent so much money and for them to turn around and scam me when theres nothing i can do about it really sucks who do i talk to if they no longer execist i read this has happened to people all over the region how to we all fight this i do not want to pay these frauds. up

Hollywood Video - Minnesota, Minneapolis / fraudulent fees


Like many others, I am dealing with fraudulent fees assessed by Hollywood Video and being collected by National Credit Solutions. This false charge has caused my Experian credit score to be lowered by over 100 points! Go to the Federal Trade Commission site (, under Consumer Protection, and FILE A COMPLAINT. Putting the burden of proof on the consumer for a DVD rental is positively ridiculous. It's virtually impossible to prove. Best of luck to all. Keep up the fight!

Hollywood Video - Arizona, Flagstaff / Falsely sent to collections


Hollywood Video sent a flase bill to collections. I was never notified and I found out during a credit check for a home purchase. I contacted the collections agency, (NCS) and asked for a phone number to Hollywood so I could dispute this and they refused to provide me with one. They said they would not help me un less I provided them with receipts of the videos I rented. This is a scam that is happening across the United States. Someone needs to do something.

Hollywood Video - Pennsylvania, Milford / Unfair Collections Submission


I recently recieved a credit monitoring alert about a collections account that just showed up. When I investigated, I found out that Hollywood Video apparently turned me into a collections agency. I had no knowledge of any balance owed to this company, and I have never recieved a phone call, email, or letter of an issue with my account. In fact, they even had a credit card on file for any account charges. My credit score has been adversely affected (temporarily) and I am left dealing with a collections agency (National Credit Solutions) that so far has been impossible to get a hold of (I am on...

Hollywood Video - Nevada / Fees a year later!!!!


I just received notice that there are four movies on my account that have not been returned.  The notice I received was from a credit collection agency.  I am totally unaware of any movies rented on my account and not returned.  I was also in the local store several times in the past year and was never told of these outstanding movies.  Nor, have I ever received prior notification verbally or written. Furthermore, I had an automatic charge of 15.00 per month being charged to my credit card and I was in the local store prior to it's closing.  I was told that I did...

Hollywood Video - Washington, Vancouver / Charges for late DVD return


We rented a movie (DVD) (from Hollywood Video, Vancouver, WA - Store#047201) 32 days ago, and forgot to return. We received a call from the store yesterday when the DVD was 32 days late, asking for the DVD to be returned. We returned the DVD the next day (today) and found out that the late fee is over $22. When I asked the store manager (Byrekka Devine) the reason the store did not make a call earlier, she responded that it is not their responsibility and they did a "courtesy call" to us to remind that it is late and we should be happy about it, otherwise, the store would charge us more for...

Hollywood Video - California, Santa Clarita / late fees


Hollywood Video charged $159.00 to my credit card for nothing. I had not rented a video for months and the last ones I did I returned on time inside the store. When I called the store I was told that I was being charged through the corporate office for the full price of the videos and that I never returned them. I asked if I could get a copy of the last videos I rented and he said their printers were not working. I asked if he could tell me the date of the last time I rented any videos from them and he said he did not have that information. The funny thing is, I had a similar experience with...

Hollywood Video / Terrible refund policy


DAMAGED Video/DVD policy needs to change as we rented a bad movie and when we brought it back in for a refund they told us we had to rent it back out again. We didn't have time to watch as we were leaving town. That is why we go to the store to rent it is because we have time to watch. Obviously, they, hollywood video should refund your money and offer a credit for another moive another time JUST FOR THE INCONVENIENCE for the customer as it ruins their whole plans for the day.

Hollywood Video - Utah, Layton / Powerplay plan


Last month my husband payed for one month of the PowerPlay play. He called them yesterday afternoon about 4pm to see how much longer we had to use our last 6 credits. He was told that our month ended on Jan 4 so we had one more day. Tonight after work I stopped by to get a couple movies and use those credits. I was told that memberships end at 12:01 AM on the final day. So even tho our membership showed 1/4 as are our final day, it expired just after midnight so we didn't actually have any part of that day to rent movies. I have 2 complaints about this. 1- We were told by one of their...

Hollywood Video - Pennsylvania, West Mifflin / Manger


My Name is Laura McKenzie and my kids and I were in you store in Duqesene, PA The 1800 location on Saturday the 5th of Dec approx. 3pm est. My kids were in ur store while i was next door getting a few things. When they came in to find me to tell me that the lady at the video store had told them that they had to leave because "there was a lot of theft going on in the store" My kids were in there for 15min and when they orginally walked in the clerk asked them where there parent was and they said next door she is coming in - in a few the clerk had no problem. Then the boys said that the manager...

Hollywood Video - Alabama, Vestavia Hills / Unauthorized charges


Have been an MVP customer at Hollywood Video in Vestavia Hills, AL for several years. In May I was told that Hollywood Video was bought out by Movie Gallery; MVP membership was not valid anymore but since I had been a customer I had been given a one-month free trial of PowerPlay. The trial period would expire 6/7/09, after which I would need to renew my membership to continue to participate in PowerPlay. I decided not to renew my membership, and have not used the services of Hollywood Video since. But since the company conveniently had my credit card on file and had charged me monthly for my...

Hollywood Video - Washington, Silverdale / bad customer service


When I went into the store it was a Friday night right after work. My feet hurt and I was not planning on looking around if it was too busy. When I entered the store there was not a lot of customers so I decided to stay and choose a movie to take home. My husband and stood in line for nearly 15 minutes without anyone saying a word to us. The person in front of us thought they had an account so they spent a few minutes looking up various phone numbers and names but apparently ended up not have an account so they decided to open one up. Instead of the cashier asking them to politely step to the...

Hollywood Video - California, Fontana / free soda


I rented a few movies, I returned them all on the due date. Like two weeks later I recieved a notice thru the mail saying one movie wasn't returned, I called the store, I talked to one of the employees, she said the movie wasn't returned yet, then I talked to the manager, she insisted the movie wasn't back, until she physically went to go look and found it on the shelf. Then she said there was another movie that was returned late and I had to pay late fees. I told her I returned all my movies at the same time, she replied very rudely, almost yelling at me, that she herself had...

Hollywood Video - Tennessee, Smyrna / Scam and fraud!


My w2 form seems to be lost, I worked at the smyrna store. I quit for another job, also moved from old address. The store said it was sent back to cooperate.

Hollywood Video / Exorbitant fee, deceptive business practices

Hollywood Video -Rented 3 movies in 2006 -Returned them, maybe a little late. I sometimes return videos late and just pay the fee next time I try to rent. Usually is only a few bucks. -I moved a lot for work (within the U.S. and just returned from a stint abroad). However, my billing address has always been my parent's home. They open up my mail and call me about anything important. They never called about anything to do with video rentals. -Recently tried to rent at the local Hollywood store I've been going to for the past 10 years. -Was informed about...