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Hodges Subaru Complaints & Reviews

Hodges Subaru / Used car sales

Oct 10, 2016

I am a very frustrated Subaru owner, who has purchased two new Subarus in the past 18 months. Neither from Hodges, but only because, at that time, we were having a hard time finding exactly what we wanted, as no dealers were really wanting to dealer trade. This review has nothing to do with that, however, it has to do with a used Forester, that was on craigslist and the dealer site. I emailed and it took a day or so to get a response, but when I did, it was a very business like response, so I was happy at that time. At no time did the salesperson ask for any other contact information from me...

Hodges Subaru / Unethical behavior

Aug 24, 2016

We feel compelled to report to you the most unprofessional handling of a customer complaint that we can imagine. We bought a subaru through costco / hodges subaru ferndale mi. The vehicle had 37, 018 miles on it. It was due for service including an oil change and we were taking a family vacation from michigan to colorado, so I took our vehicle in to hodges subaru in ferndale mi. They changed the oil and told me that I was all set that I didn't need anything else, just and oil change and filter. We started our trip and soon heard a continuous loud "metal on metal" sound when the car was moving. I...