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Hip Pooch Complaints & Reviews

Hip Pooch - Manitoba, Winnipeg / Grooming

Aug 1, 2014

Five days ago, we took our Labradoodle to Hip Pooch to be groomed. Today, I just returned from the vet getting antibiotics and cream for a severe razor burn. Our dog is in severe discomfort and can't sit down. The infection is so severe, he leaves stains from his running wound. Initially, we were disappointed, as I specifically asked that he not be groomed to look like a coiffed Poodle, and he came home with a puffy head and a pom pom at the end of this tail. We left it because hair will grow. Then, more importantly, we noticed the areas of his body that had been shaved down to his skin...

Hip Pooch - Manitoba, Winnipeg / Dog Store


This is by far the worst store for customer service. I have been in there a few times since I had to find clothing for my dog (4 pounds) when she went outside in the cold weather and no other place seemed to have small enough clothing. EVERY TIME I went in there, we have been the only ones in there. The owner/worker is SO rude. She sits at the cash just staring and not trying to help you or speak to you. Just STARING. Unless you actually walk up to her (it's in a very small building also) and ask her a question that REQUIRES her to PHYSICALLY GET UP and get you something from the back...