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Heritage Complaints & Reviews

Heritage - Utah, Provo / RIP OFF


I hired heritage to build a web site for me. I paid them up front for building the web site and 1 year of hosting. I had to make monthly payments for them to build web site. I then pre-paid for them to upload 5000 items to the site. I also pre-paid them for a flash package to be uploaded. I also pre-paid for the shipping companies to be downloaded onto the site. I then had stroke and was hospitalized. According to the contract they were suppose to renew the domain name with net firms. They did not renew the domain name and netfirm pulled their stuff taking my site off the internet. Heritage...

Heritage / Sanitation near Mastan baba Dargah


Sir, It is not a complaint but a suggestion. The Mastanbaba Dargah in Kowkur is visited by atleast 15000 people from all over AP. The maximum crowd is on new moon, full moon days and sundays. These people come from far off places by state buses, chartered buses, taxis, trucks and private vehicles. They live the night under the skyand some limited accomodation available behind the Dargah. The whole place gets littered up with food wastes, night soil, urination and what not. The area near the bus stand gets filled with clothes being dried on the fences. the whole passage in front of the Dargah...