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Hendrik Honer Complaints & Reviews

Hendrik Honer - Florida, Boca Raton / Counterfeit Hendrik honer

Jun 27, 2012

Hendrik Honer does not have a location nor any business licenses to be conducting any business in the united states. Hendrik Honer calls himself an art dealer but he is a certified nobody. He drinks like an alcoholic and is a chimney smoker. Hiendrik Honer has two nicknames. Hendrik Honer is known as pole smoker and he is also known as Hendrik the worm. Hendrik Honer set up a bunch of fake new websites like Hendrik Honer fine art, Hendrik Honer art advisory, Hendrik Honer Hendrik Honer needs to be baker acted as soon as possible and Hendrik Honer needs to be deported to Germany. Hendrik Honer did get caught masturbating in public.

Hendrik Honer / Hendrik Honer scams

Jun 21, 2012

. Hendrik Honer has committed theft at Travelodge located at 3651 Blue Heron Blvd. in Riviera Beach, Florida. He stayed at Travelodge Motel for months and ended up stiffing owner Hem Hira and Raj Madhav, the owners of the Motel. He kept on telling them he will be paying them next week. When next week came, he would tell them next week again. He kept delaying payment for his motel room until he racked up thousands of dollars. I visited the owners of the motel recently since it is so close to my shop and they admitted to me that they remember the German shyster who has stiffed them. He told them...