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Aug 15, 2015

My friend bought dress from It was about $60 and she got it fast, but the dress was completely ruined. The dress was 3 sizes bigger and the colour was completely wrong. Also, the zipper was broken and there was big hole in the front skirt of the dress. My friend contacted the seller, but he told that she could get 10% refund or would pay full sum in order to return this crap. Scam!!! / Horrible quality of fabrics and wrong size

Mar 15, 2014

Don’t order from these scammers. I bought dress from the website and provided my sizes, but the seller delivered dress, which was 3 sizes larger and with broken zip. Also the fabric was horrible and it started to tear. I sent several pictures of this dress to the seller and asked for the refund, but they offered me 10% or to pay for the return postages and wait for another dress. I really was disappointed. Awful seller and customer services. It might be a good idea, if people write about their experience with this seller.