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Health Master Complaints & Reviews

Health Master - California / WARRANTY NOT HONORED!

Aug 2, 2013

This company is a scam! When I called to get a replacement pitcher (mine was giving off a horrible high pitched, shrill, squeal), they said they were out of stock. Back order estimated at 2 months! I use this blender daily…now I have to wait 2 months plus? I asked for a full refund. They denied my request. Currently I have submitted a charge dispute with my credit card company, hoping they can help me. I’ve been scammed! Would NEVER have bought it had I known their warranty deliverance was so shady. The Montel show was promoting it…so I figured it had to be okay. Shame on Montel! I don’t think I will ever order off of an infomercial again! BUYER BEWARE!

Health Master / customer service

Apr 25, 2011

Yes, it does what it says, but only 2 short months after purchase I had to mail the unit in for warranty (plus a check for $29.99!!) because it was throwing oil. They require the whole unit to be mailed in. Ok. Well, months later I receive only the base. I called, and the 1st idiot said that I mailed a check only for the base. How does she know? After a long time on hold, she said that a pitcher and lid would be sent out. The 3rd call said the pitcher/lid would be here last Thursday (it's Monday). Today is the 4th month after the mailing, and the FOURTH phone call to customer service, and...

Health Master / Extra charges (Import Charges)


Dear sir (madam); I was charged extra $99.98 (Import charges), it was never mention BEFORE ORDER and it was not on the Bill(?!)... Product is HEALTH MASTER (blender) I hope the Blender is good, but I did not try yet I try to send them e-mail on address : [email protected], the email was return. Is it scam ON TV? I dont know, hope not. Its NOT about money... Dear sir(madad) what should I do in this situation? Thank you Nikolai



I called about a 3 day ago 2 times to speak to a supervisor and both times I was told they were on the phone and would call me back. I even got up early in the morning so I could call 8am East Coast time. I am still waiting for a call back from the Supervisor. I have never spoken to anyone to get my problem resolved. The company where you place the orders have no interest in helping customers with their problems. I spent a lot of time on the computer trying to locate another number to speak with someone about my complaint. I could not find any number. I could not even find anyway to get a...

Health Master / faulty product


I bought a healthmaster on August 1st. When it arrived it was broken. I called customer service to request a return label, they said they would send one and never did. I call again 3 different occasions each time getting the same answer. They are continiously charging my account for a piece of equiptment that NEVER worked and I have attempted to send back several times. This is a fraud and they are taking money from my account. I have called the bank and cumstomer service consistently and I need help with this matter ASAP.