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Health Cleanse Complaints & Reviews

Health Cleanse - Florida, Miami / 14 day trial ended they were closed


I called about a free trial teeth whitening product They said 30 day supply but they must have said 14 day trial offer so My trial offer ended on sun 10/11 I couldnt cancel on that day they were closed. They also upgraded me to a product called jun pur cleanse and before th trail period ended they charged me 49.95. i dont even remember the order for that Also they have charged me twice today for 79.95 and again 79.95 I have one box that i have not opened The will refund the 49.95 but that is it. It is a SCAM for sure. I think I saw this add on John Gibson web site or Glen Beck I trust those guys but they may not know about it

Health Cleanse - New Mexico, Silver City / Unauthorized card charges


I called to order a free trial based product for colon cleansing and weight loss. The ad said pay only shipping and handling. The charge was to be $1.95 but I received an email from another product service advising me my card had insuffiencient funds. I called my card company and they had Health Cleanse listed as charging my card $54.94 for the order of $1.95. When I called I was yelled at by some guy and have not been able to get a call back to them since. Each time I try to call back the line is busy or all I get is a busy signal. I don't see why their line would be busy in todays day...

Health Cleanse - North Carolina, High Point / didn't order


I did not order health cleanse. Please cancel my subscription and reimburse my $39.95 + $1.20 fee and please do not bill me for any other products. I am writing to cancel. I can't believe you get away with giving my card number to other companies. I only charged $.99 for the Resvera and still have not received it. Please reimburse me for the $.99 + $03 for the oxi berry as I did not order that either My bank has been alerted. They knew all about this. Barbara Johns 3620 1-D Spanish Peak Dr. High Point, NC 27265

Health Cleanse - Minnesota, Moorhead / Fraudlent Charge


This company claimed I set up an account with them (I didn't) ordered a product (I didn't) and then charged me for it. I never recieved the product, and was charged almost $80 for it. They refused to reverse the charges and suggested I wait to recieve the product. They gave me a tracking number for the us postal service and when I checked that number it said it was delievered. It wasn't. When I explained this, they repeated the line about waiting for it to be delievered. Obviously it won't be delieverd if they claim it already was. The representative replied, "There's nothing I can do about that." That is not how to handle an unhappy customer or someone with the ability to take legal action.