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Hatchette Partworks Complaints & Reviews

Hatchette Partworks / overcharging

Feb 04, 2016

if you try to speak direct to the art therapy its impossible to understand them and when you ask for a manager or senior adviser they pretend to be a manager and i explained that we had paid by bank and visa and what do you have as account info they state no access etc?we face a debt collection service for under twenty ponds we don't owe?try to ring and its useless and costly.try to email and it can go all over the world?they send stuff despite canceling and most issues we never received?please never have dealings with these companies.

Hatchette Partworks / magazine cancelled after issue 4

Mar 20, 2014

Hatchette partworks cancelled the u96 after the 4th issue much to my dissapointment and they put a note in issue 4 telling everyone that they were sorry and they would give everyone a special free gift or you could send off the front covers of the issues to their office in jarrow and they would issue a full refund . Well im still waiting over a month later been on the phone to them and they try to make out that its the newsagents and that they have different departments and while this is going on god knows how many people have spent good money that hatchette now have earning interest in their bank hope everyone else in this situation phones them and complains .