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Harvey World Travel Complaints & Reviews

Harvey World Travel / Charge for changing date of the thicket

Mar 9, 2011

I bought a thicket to Ireland, the thicket is for 5 weeks, but i cant stay only for 2 -1/2 weeks, becouse i have to be back in sydney in 3 weeks, they want to charge me 900 dollars just to change the dates, and 450 dollars for the cacelletion of the ticket, i dont think this is legal, please help me what can i do

Harvey World Travel / Cannot get a booking done!


I am currently living in Australia and for the past two weeks have been trying to make a booking for my daughter and her son to visit us. I received one itinerary from them 2 weeks ago which was incorrect. I have emailed them several times since and have not received one response. My daughter has been into the branch on more than one occasion and calls them daily but to date has not been able to get a booking. Not knowing what to do anymore I asked my friend in South Africa to go into the branch and try and get a booking. She did manage to get half of the flights booked and was told that i...