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Harley Medical Group Complaints & Reviews

Harley Medical Group / Disorganisation

Aug 5, 2011

I booked a treatment of laser hair removal specifically prior to an event i was attending. I had a test patch earlier which seemed ok so i thought i would go ahead for the appointment. I called in just before leaving for the appointment to ask how long it would last. They then told me that they had cancelled my appointment - i had not been informed of this at all!!! The person working at HMG told me I would recieve a full refund because they had cancelled my appointment through no fault of my own. I then recieve a call from another person asking me if i can come in another day (tomorrow or...

Harley Medical Group - England, Greater London, London / Lip Enhancement


Just would like everyone to know of my experience at the Harley Medical Group in London. I went along for lip filler, my appt was for 11am the nurse turned up 11.20am. Should of guessed my treatment would not turn out well just by the nurse's condescending attitude. She applied anaesthetic cream then dissapeared for 35 min. When i asked her a few questions about the proceedure she seemed annoyed and just wanted to get on with it. Anyway, one side of my lip turned out fuller than the other, when i mentioned this she started squeezing my lip (which was extremely painful) to spread the...

Harley Medical Group / Absolutely not true


I went to see harley group re treatment for sun damage to my face. Nobody at all told me the treatment may not work. The nurse who did the treatments said it could be because of my age (69years) and the fact that I have fine skin- both of which facts they knew when they signed me up. They stopped the treatments after No 3 out of 5 . The condition is now slightly worse but definitely no better. They have refunded me £400 out of £1450 for the course - this does not even cover the two treatments I did not have. They say that both outcomes and benefits were explained to me in advance - absolutely not true.