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Hancock Bank Complaints & Reviews

Hancock Bank - Florida, Pensacola / Checking

H D on Sep 21, 2016

Dear Hancock Bank Administration: I am very angry at the way you have charged service fees on this account through the years. There has been very little regular checking activity on this account and I have kept thousands of dollars in it. I've had eighty to one hundred thirty thousand in my other account with you with almost no checking activity on it. Yet you have nickled and dimed me on the ****7858 acount with service charges from eighteen to twenty one dollars a month for more than three years. Shame on you for it. This is another way older people like myself are taken advantage of in...

Hancock Bank - Florida / Horrible Bank!

jessie1101 on Jun 22, 2012

Worst bank I have ever had. They find anyway to charge you. They not only charge you monthly if you don't keep over $250.00 daily in your bank account, but they charge you $20.00 to send, and receive a wire transfer! I have never had a bank do that!, I have moved around a lot and have had several different banks, and this one by far is the most money hungry one. Be careful, they will find some way to squeeze money out of you.

Hancock Bank - Mississippi, Picayune / overdraft fees

Hancock Bank will try to get every wrong earned dime they can from you. They recently charged me with $261.00 in fees. My husband works offshore and he usually handles all the bills with his account, We have 2 seperate accounts. I had no contact with him and was responsible for getting the bills paid. I paid one bill with my account that was supposed to get paid from his so my money was a little shorter than normal. From October 9-11th I made small purchases at gas stations and what not that were $2-$6 in total. On the 12th of October I made a purchase at Wal-Mart for $118.00. Hancock Bank ran...

Hancock Bank - Louisiana, Baton Rouge / Bad Service and Misleading


I have been doing business with this bank for about 20 years now and have had a "decent" relationship with them. They have in the past been very good until I ran into this "new manager". He asked if we do e-banking and I said no. He asked if we were interested and I told yes but I have been having issues with his merchant account raising my rates. I process cc with them and I was in the process of looking elsewhere because they keep on raising the rates and not keeping their end of the contract. Well, this manager told me that he will get with the merchant account and straighten everything up...

Hancock Bank / Unauthorized charge!

I don't know who u guys are but i have $39.95 taking by you and i am mad as hell. If u know whats best u will returned it as soon as possible. I never even heard of this company. I am a single mother with 3 kids and i don't have time for you all to fraud my money out of my account. How did you get my account number please explain. I am going to be waiting on a response. If i don't hear from yall in 24 hr. U will be hearing from my lawyer. This is not a threat this is a promise. Have a bless day!!!