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Halo German Shepherds Complaints & Reviews

Halo German Shepherds - Georgia, Vidalia / Customer service and puppy environment

Feb 16, 2016

I don't take a lot of stock in reviews normally but after seeing the reviews on Halo Shepherds I contacted them, they would only respond by text. As soon as I said I would like to visit the puppies in their environment things went south real quick. This is my second review for anything in my whole life, normally I just move on but in this case I couldn't. This place is a straight up puppy mill. After I told her I was done she kept texting me over and over. A dog is a family member to me and you don't meet some shady person in a parking lot to get a family member. The only time I have ever got...

Halo German Shepherds / parvo puppies

Apr 26, 2015

Purchased an 8wk old black german shepherd from this breeder; Angela, and it turned out to have the Parvovirus as well as Giardia. I informed the breeder and she did not want to acknowledge this fact, even after she spoke with a few vets and sending her all the medical paperwork. She will also not provide us with the pedigree, litter no or other identifying paperwork as stated on their website. I got the puppy the best care possible and he pulled through but I would never purchase from this breeder again and I suggest you don't either. We are pursuing legal actions.

Halo German Shepherds / Sick puppy

Aug 13, 2013

I bought this pup, a white shepherd, in January of 2010 over the internet. On the site it said she was a Chirstian breeder and was not a puppy mill, The pics on her site were beautiful, we drove down to pick up the pup on News Years day, and what I saw was nothing like the pics on her site. She had about forty female whites in one large fenced in area, about 3 to 6 months old. she had about 20 6-10 pens with no cover on the top and nothing but wire on the bottom. In the pens she either had a large male and female together or a female with pups. It was horrable. The pup she brought me, looked like...