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Halliburton Complaints & Reviews

Halliburton - Alaska, Houston / lied and abused through the hiring process, discriminated

Jan 26, 2018

Halliburton, why do you lie to your job applicants? I am a single mom of a minority race. During the oil industry turndown last year, I lost my job, like many others and I had to try very hard to find another job. Although I am well educated with an advanced degree and I have been capable in my last role, finding a new job is very difficult. After being out of a job for almost six months, I got a onsite interview with Halliburton and that was when the chaos began. The recruiter Jay Fudickar started to arrange an onsite interview for the sensor research group manager position with me during...

Halliburton / Laws and Ethics violation

Jun 27, 2011

While most of the world across the company has been thanking and appreciating my work to the limit that I was assigned three leading roles simultaneously (Eastern Hemisphere virtualization lead, Middle East and North Africa Common Office Environment lead as well as a Senior Analyst leading the Egypt IT team in Egypt, the company management is trying to fire me! They have asked me to resign and when I refused, they used all bad means to pressure me including but not limited to preventing me from taking back my phone lines, official governmental certificates and paper at HR in addition to trying...