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Haji Khan Baba Complaints & Reviews

Haji Khan Baba / vashikaran fraud... scammer

Nov 10, 2017

This is an important message for all of you people. Im from delhi.. My family is been under the attack of black magic so I searched for the cure and did some research and found this haji khan baba. I called this baba and tell him all my family story, he asked for my picture for reviewing to see what is going on. He did find out and asked for (50000rs) for reveresing back the black magic. He said this money is for the material which he will use for the cure, and asked me to wait for few days. I called him back after few days because I didnot find any result and he said it is because the enemy keep...

Haji Khan Baba / fraud baba... scam don't call this guy

Nov 07, 2017

Hi I'm from England I called this haji khan baba to get some work done regarding my family life. Baba asked me I don't charge you any fee... you just have to pay for the material ..So for the first time I pay around 30k INR. After receiving the payment he said there is the problem from enemy side as he is still doing/cursing black magic on you and your family so to destroy the effect pay me another 150k INR for material, I did paid again thinking this guy is genuine because he was like " I severe to Allah and my kids...I will give you 100% result". They just make fool of you saying "there is big...