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H2O Pool Products Complaints & Reviews

H2O Pool Products / EXTREMELY poor customer service


This company is TERRIBLE! They take your money -- pronto -- then take their sweet time getting your stuff shipped. Took mine nearly two weeks to get to me. Two months later, one of the parts I ordered was defective. I attempted to email them. No response. Then I called and left a message. Still no response. So I shipped the defective product back to them with a note explaining the problem. That was two weeks ago. No response to that either. Now I'm out $25 with no recourse since it the charge was put on a debit card. The address they use is a PO Box. They have awful reviews on another...

H2O Pool Products - California, Huntington Beach / Terrible Customer Service


I ordered a 1.0HP pool pump from H2O Pool Products because they beat other prices by about $30. When it got here I opened the box and the pump was 1.4HP pump. It was also not the corect type of pump. Not being an expert on the different types of pumps and the pump itself was not labeled I was unaware that it was the wrong type. But for HorsePower I knew I had the correct HP. When I called and explained the discrepency they went ahead and exchanged it but not after blaming me for not knowing the difference in pump types. So inturn he charged me for shipping on all ends of the delivery. He stated he...

H2O Pool Products / Stay away from them


***WARNING*** stay away from this "company" ... I placed order from what appeared to be a reputable website on 5/8. The site auto-generated ack. of the order, so I thought I was good to go. I checked status of the order for days afterward and saw no update or apparent activity. After about a week (I needed the parts within 7-10 days) I started to try to contact the company using all-available means (phone, e-mail, etc.) The phone voice mail tree seems to go nowhere, and e-mails were not answered, although the web site claims that "When we communicate with you we prefer e-mail" ... I was intent...