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H and M Complaints & Reviews

H and M - England, Kent / staff attitude


to whom it may concern my name is alexandra kate ellison and i am a regular shopper in your Bluewater store however i visited the store last week and recieved appalling service. i asked about getting another size of top whilst i was in the changing rooms, i didnt want to leave my handbag in there so i politly asked the assistant if she would be able to get me a larger size, i got a disgustingly dirty look and a sigh she then said to me 'does it look like i can leave the changing rooms?' i replied 'oh okay well could you maybe make sure my handbag is okay whilst i run to get...

H and M / accusation of theft in H and M


my wife and sister were at an H and M store in Doha/Qatar landmark branch they were looking at items and decided to buy one they checked their bags to see if they had enough money and when they found out that they didnt they left to reach me for more money as they left the store a security man came after them and told them to come back because there was something missing in the store and that they were the only customers there while there wasnt anything missing and there were other customers but they decided to accuse only my wife and sister they searched their bags and the manager still...