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Green Valley Security Complaints & Reviews

Green Valley Security / Bad security company

Oct 1, 2015

I just started working for green valley security. I was training and it was the worst training. The dispatch is a young male. His a little over the top. The manager in charge of dispatch is crazy. His names Jason, his so rude. I trained with him and he kept getting made. At some point he called me a jackass. I was learning the job for a few days. Its unorganized, confusing and lack of in formation. Jason the dispatch manager tried to get me fired. He was just crazy. He was saying rude comment about me in front of other guards. I never had a break in seven in a half hours. I told him I need a...

Green Valley Security / Awful company


I work for Green Valley Security for two years now. I have several complaints. First I was sick one night my wife called them three hours before my shift to tell them I will not be coming in and she was threaten that I would be marked as no call no show and terminated. Second is I was threaten by a employee that worked for the hotel that I am securing. I have told my director about it and I was ignored. So for the month I had to stay there I was nervous about myself and my car till they got rid of him. Third is having us do hotel employee work when we should be watching the guests cars and...