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Green Tea LLC Complaints & Reviews

Green Tea LLC / Fraud


This Company is scam. I wanted a Free Trial as I thought it will work, because I actually heard a talk about the Green Tea and help with the weight loss, but these people - They are Scam!!! It's not working + they are charging you $85.00 even before your free trial offer ends and they don't send you anything! This is terrible, this is the first time I've been ripped off like this. I truly hope that someone will stop them. I used my debit card and now I have so many problems with getting my money back. It's just awful. The phone # provided doesn't work either. So just for other people, don't try it - it's not working + it's FRAUD.

Green Tea LLC / Green Tea scam


I was supposed to get a sample of the Green Tea 500 product and pay $4.95 shipping only. I was charged $84.90 on my acct for nothing, This is a rip off and a rotten scam that Oprah is endorsing. I now can't believe anything Oprah says.

Green Tea LLC / Screwed me out of $90.00


I saw the offer from the Oprah also that said pay shipping only for a one time sample. Then I received 2 small bottles. Later I received two more bottles and saw that my bank account had been drafted of $90.00. I did call and was told that I checked the agreement and I should be more careful in reading the next time. The only thing the agreement said is that I agree to the terms. I did not see any other terms. How can they get away with this? I thought that by using Oprah's name it would be on the up and up. Is there any way to get my money back? Am I going to have to change my account now so that they cannot rob me anymore?

Green Tea LLC / Scam


I am having great difficulty cancelling and I am quite annoyed. As of Saturday 4/26 it had only been 15 days since I placed original order on 4/11. I tried to cancel at my bank end at a cost of 20 which I did not mind but I would also need to cancel my debit card. There is a number BUT you can never get through. 1-866-518-6901. Some garbage about updating there phone system. Then of course you can email or if you are remotely lucky to leave a voice msg. But, there again know one calls back. I have tried the email they give you now four times. Also if you click on the site there is an area to read term and agreement also with a website. Which once again does not go through.

Green Tea LLC / They charged my VISA


I agreed to try 2 sample bottles of Green Tea product, agreeing to pay the $4.98 postage. I received the tea on or about April 6. During the next week after receiving the "tea", I received 2 more larger bottles. Thinking that I had not received the correct size bottles, I put the tea in the cupboard. Then my VISA bill arrived with a charge of $84.90. I have been trying to reach the company to return the product and have the charge removed from the VISA bill. I have been unable to contact the Green Tea LLC. using the phone number supplied by VISA (866-518-6901).