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On 9/28/2009 this company charged my debit card $44.99 I have never done business with this company, I have never heard of them, I have never filled out any forms or requested anything from them. I called this company on 9/30/2009 to see why I was charged. they said I had signed up for their service and I did not sign up or contact them in any way. When I asked for a refund, they said they could not give a refund untill I faxed them and said I did not want their service. I live on SSI disability as my only income. / Scam and rip off


There appears to be 3 separate email addresses that consistently remove money from my bank account every month.. [1] [2] Ap9Pm/ [3] YourSavingsClub-V and maybe.. [4] MNI CreditReportServices... The total each month is the sun of.. %54.90 of charges that have not been approved by me.. Is the anything that can be done to stop these and have them refund all money due. Plz advise smb.