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Greatest Virtual Office Complaints & Reviews

Greatest Virtual Office - Arizona, Litchfield Park / business invesment


From 10.23.09 through 11/24/09, I invested $30, 850. in vaRIOUS mARKETING CAMPAIGNS(11 OF THEM) with a representative named, Xavier and another GVO rep, Brandi Roberts . I was promised by Xavierdoubling and tripling my investments, but that never came close. I made about $1000. in commissions, of which I can track only $438 recieved at the end of November, ll09. The other checks upposedly sent March' 10 and April ;'10 ere e Please hhelp e. I tried to communicate with their CEOP, Andrew Wolter who promised me a 60K ad campaign in California and an email blast campaing. This was iin...

Greatest Virtual Office - Arizona, Phoenix / Tim Foster


This company is run by complete gangsters. They treat their clients and employees like crap. They are only in to scam people for their money and threat and intimidate ex employees . The director Tim Foster is no director he is just a thug. He like threating his eployees after he fires them he even fired one like this. he says" Go ### your self" then he says " there is more but cant disclose due to the fact of the nature of what he said. I do know that i work for him and dont want to lose my job. He even told a employee if i see you again i will ### your face up i swear on my girls. Then he...

Greatest Virtual Office / Fraudulent activity


I signed up with GVO about three weeks ago seeking a money making opportunity. I paid $110 to start up. I soon realized that it was not for me, it would take too much of my time and I am not ready for that. I canceled a week later, when I canceled I was told that someone from the 'financial office' would contact me regarding my refund of $110. Nobody called me. I have contacted this company numerous times since then, about 4 times a week. I keep being told that my file would be forwarded to someone from the financial office named Osiaris (which probably does not even exist) I've...

Greatest Virtual Office - Arizona, Phoenix / Cancelled and never received refund


Cancelled, never received anything, no email to set up, nothing in the mail. Left several messages about getting my money back (they supposedly will refund you within 30 days if you are not satisfied). They will NOT return my calls, have not been refunded. Total SCAM!!