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Great American Roofs Complaints & Reviews

Great American Roofs - Georgia, Kennesaw / Bad business practices


Rob MacPherson is a con artist! Do not give him any money up front! He has been arrested in Walton and Fayette counties. He has just had two more warrants issued in Cobb County. Please look at his BBB rating if these companies approach you for "hail damage".( Great American Roofs currently have an F rating). Please DO NOT give him money up front!! He is now facing eight felony counts in three counties.

Great American Roofs - Georgia / Confirming Company Lack of Professionalism


I can't believe I found this site. My boyfriend worked for this company months ago. He said it was the worst working experience of his life. Just to paraphrase, he said the owner (Rob Mc Phearson), was a big slob and he looked very un-kept. He described him as being about 6-3, grossly over weight, and a very cleaver, fast talking con-man. His specific experience with Great American Roofing is very consistent with what is being complained of by the people on this site. He thought he was working with a reputable company when he contacted and signed up numerous people in an attempt to help them...

Great American Roofs - Georgia, Kennesaw / Great American Roofs Bad Business Practices


Rob MacPherson, you are a liar and I am being really nice to call you only that! There is nothing professional about you or your company… all of you are a bunch of crooks and scam artists. I have no doubt that the people who work for you are loyal and hardworking in your eyes because they are getting their cuts (profits) from scamming others from you. So, there is nothing false about the reports that are stacked against you as we all have similar stories though we are miles a part. Rob, you ask for a deposit before ever beginning the work for one reason and one reason only: to tie...

Great American Roofs - Georgia, Kennesaw / False Information Posted on Site


I would like to address the numerous complaints being provided by individuals on this site regarding my company, which are false; (1) NH1980, signed a contract with our company and forwarded a cancellation letter. We sent them a certified letter stating we would like to proceed with the work and informed them if they cancel the agreement under the terms and conditions they would waive any and all deposits. We gave them the oppportunity to have there roof installed and heard nothing more from them regarding this matter; (2) Bobby, received his roof but has failed to pay us over $3, 500 or...

Great American Roofs - Georgia, Kennesaw / Got the money never did the work


Great American Roofs came to my home and promised to repair my roof two months ago. I spoke with their salesman and provided him with all of my information, which included a work order and a contract. The first red flag went up when no one from the company followed up behind the sales person. While the sales person was very nice and helpful I'm sure he was limited. Non-the-less I phoned him when I needed information because I could never seem to reach anyone else from the company and they never returned my messages. That should have been my second red flag. Believing I was going to get my...