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Great American Reader Complaints & Reviews

Great American Reader / False claims

Mar 29, 2011

Very misleading and down right nasty. I was told I would be able to cancel my subscription at anytime without any hassle and that I'd receieve a $1000. gift card. So, I took the bait and accepted their offer. I must say the stuff they offer is stuff that can be found in any secondhand store and you ended paying more in shipping than what the item was actually worth. And, as for canceling without hassle is a bunch of BS. I'm a full-time college student and currently unemployed and have attempted to cancel my subscription and they refuse to honor my request. I have received phone call...

Great American Reader / Unauthorized charges


I am a college student and I am having problems with a company called “Great American Readers.They first called contract me with 1, 000 shopping spree, If I purchase 39.95(offer the student discount) monthly payments for year of magazines. It didn't sounds bad, So I give them my account information.. Also, I was suppose to receive a paper for rules, account information and website to shopping for products within 3 to 5 days ( I was promised by the company). But that was the beginning of March. I still have not receive anything, included the five magazines. The company said I have to...

Great American Reader / Scam-magazine subscription+ Shopping spreefree gift card


I received a phone call in evening today, 1/20/09. They said I have been selected for shopping spree 1000$ free gift certificate. Then they said they will also send 5 magazines, visa-master card company has paid the fees for 60months. And the operator told that her supervisor will call to check her attitude and that conversation ended there. After few min, so called supervisor calls back, explains more detail and they start asking to pay 49$ for the subscription, which is actually around 3$/wk but i have to pay it in advance so i do not have to bother about paying 3$ every week for magazine...