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grants 360 Complaints & Reviews

grants 360 - Illinois, McHenry / took unauthorized money and refuses full refund


Thought you should know Grants 360 is still up to their deceptive business practices. I was charged $2.97 for a "free trial". Then two days later I was charged $57.61. I've filed a complaint with my bank's(chase) dispute department on Friday August 20, 2010 because I also was only offered a refund of $40.00 by grants 360. I'm also going to notify the BBB in Illinois, the Attorney General Office, the company who refered me to their site, my ISP, and Norton Securities. I'm also going to get a lawyer and suit them for the agravation, stress, monetary loss, and physical and...

grants 360 - Michigan, Fenton / Fraudulent /Scam /


SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! Based outside of the U.S. What can I say that evreyone else hasn't already said? This company luers you in under the pretense that they will help with you grants for $1.95. I figured that $1.95 wasn't too much to loose if they were not legit. After agreeing to pay that you can tell that they are a scam. I called them immediately and they said they couldn't help me. They then charged my account $57.61. They claim that the $1.95 is for 24 hour use of their service and then they can charge you for a 30 day membership, which is apparently in the fine print...

grants 360 - Utah, Sandy / rip off


I went through the process, provided all required information. I received a name and password in order to get the download. The site stated I would get an email with download information and that it would take up to 15 minutes. I have never received the email. The password and username do not work. I believe that this site has stolen my identity and may be up to "NO GOOD". I guess legal actions should be taken against them. August 8, 2009

grants 360 - Texas, Garland / No Grant Received


I was not able to log on an apply. When I contacted customer service they helped me to log on but I have not received any money, but I did receive a charge on my credit card for $57.61 plus the $1.95 twice for enrolling in the program. The $1.95 charge was the only charge I was aware I was going to get charged and only authorizeation I gave. I called the 1800 number and they said it was because I did not cancel on time and to get my money back I needed to go to [email protected] and request for a refund. So far no refund.

grants 360 - Indiana, Hammond / rip off - debit card theft


After reading an advertising for Government Grants on MSN they advertise this product for $1.95 processing fee you agree to this and then get charged $38.21 for some tax information which as no bearing. I seen the site was a scam and immediately called the phone number (866) 955-1669 for Grants360 and cancelled. I spoke with a lady named Nickey Kyun or so I was told and given a cancellation confirmation number of 7551927 and was told that it was cancelled and would be refunded. I email Chase bank and told them not to pay this gave them all the information and they told me it would take 3 to 5...