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Grand Navigation Complaints & Reviews

Grand Navigation / Claims of winning a free Vacation

Apr 21, 2014

This company is also involved in the time-sharing scam as well. My fiancé was told she had one a trip after her name was pulled from a hat. This free vacation included airfare and a two or more hour sales pitch to convince us to buy time-shares in vacation property. We saw through it from the start - We left the sales person quite disappointed that he could not convince us. We went through 3 sales persons who kept dropping the price. When she went to call Grand Navigation we found that we had to pay $50.00 to register! Free you say? FYI - We had to give our credit card number to the...

Grand Navigation - Pennsylvania / No refund as promished

May 14, 2013

I went on a four hour Time Share at Virginia Beach at the end of March 2013. For the time and energy I spent at the Time Share seminar, I was "rewarded" with a "vacation for three days" by the company Grand Navigator. I completed the vacation form and properly sent it to the company. The primary and secondary choice for vacation was rejected. Upon this rejection, which was off peak times, I did a Google review of the company and found this was often the case. Also, I was asked to submit a $50 check with the request. (Although the vacation was suppose to be for free.) I requested a refund by...