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Sep 16, 2015

We bought two expensive TP holders from them that were too narrow to hold a standard roll of tissue. They sent us specs for the product, and the ones they sent us were smaller than the specs; that is what was causing the problem. When we contacted them, they disclaimed any responsibility and would not take the product back or exchange it. They said we would have to deal with the manufacturer ourselves, they wouldn't help other than to give us a phone number that is never answered. Don't expect any service or support from them. Another review on this site has had similar experience. Stay away. / Don't deal with them

Jan 30, 2014

I ordered grab bars from the website First of all, they delivered my order with delay and no one warn me about it. Also all the package was damaged and didn’t contain instructions. It was difficult to install them without instruction, and the seller didn’t reply to my emails. I was upset with such services and attitude.Please, leave comments about this website, because people should be aware when they deal with such irresponsible people.