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The searches for do not work. In trying out the site, I could not find myself under people search, also could not find my friends. I could not find my marriage records, could not find birth records for anyone with my last name in my state, could not find the criminal records for family members that I know have been incarcerated (only found 1 out of 4 searches). Could not find the death records for a friend of mine that committed suicide. Could not find my own DMV records. The bankruptcy search just comes back with an error message. The newspaper search for either of the... / Terrible experience


God I wish I had done a Google search on how trustworthy is BEFORE I gave them my credit card number. I paid $39.99 for a lifetime unlimited access membership. But then once I paid and was registered, I was send to a website called to do my actually searching. That was a red flag. Then, I typed in this one person's name that I was looking up and it came back, 'Server Too Busy'. I was getting very suspicious at that point because I was doing this at like 3am. So I waited a minute, then searched the name again. But again, it came back a... - Maryland / refund


I have asked for a refund, of $24.94 5 times), but they will not. I am continually asked why I want to cancel, or they can be of help with there special team, once I was told (he) would have to check with CEO. This is my 6th message, 5 to them 1 to you. I canceled the same day I purchased the use of the website. Can you help me? I hope this message will also be sent to them #Z53EMNJN = contract number thank you - Karen PS: Purchased nov 23rd - canceled the same day. I thought this would be helpful with a genealogy research - it's not. - Maryland / Can't Access Website


This site is advertised as a reputable search site, but once I paid my membership fee I couldn't access the website. Instead the site kept popping up a message of unknown site or site may be under reconstruction, etc. or it flips you to another website that charges for their services. SCAM!!! I want my membership money back. I have only been trying to access this site for five days now. This site should be taken off of the internet and its company owners prosecuted for fraud. - England, East Sussex / Not genuine?


I registered and payed a years subscription to I tried to get the information I was needing and could not get any further. I decided to email for advise and to find out how to get the info that I was trying to get and the emails have both been returned as "Address Unknown" I have reported this as I have since found that many people have written up on the computer with this same thing happening to them.I payed with my credit card through "Click save" and feel I should now change my credit card number in case of it being used illegally. / Online scam


I wish I had found the [redacted], BEFORE I fell for this internet scam. The site itself contains zero data. Every search comes back empty - even for known social security death indexes. Most searches lead you to a list of online search engines that charge as well. I've noticed that all the rebuttals for these reports state 'Rebuttal Employee -contact us for technical support'. That's a load of bull as well, the only way you can contact the company is through an online email reply. Don't waste your time, you won't get a reply back. I've learned my lesson. Thank goodness it was only a $40.00 lesson.