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Gold Crown Resorts Complaints & Reviews

Gold Crown Resorts - California, SanDiego / Bad Value

Feb 21, 2013

Portfolio to Paradise is a reseller for an online operator called Gold Crown Resorts. Nobody should buy anything from this company as their services are extremely poor value. Although not illegal this is an example of a business that relies entirely upon a very intimidating psychological sales tactics. DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $2500 FOR THEIR PACKAGE!!! Here is why: Here are their tactics: 1) Spend a large amount of money on direct mail. 2) The direct mail offers you a 'free cruise' or something similar in exchange for 45 minutes in a sales presentation 3) They know that people will attend...

Gold Crown Resorts / !!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!


Me and my wife recently purchase a membership to gold crown resorts...when we bought the membership started investigating, i found some good and bad opinions. I am here to say now that i have used the membership i am EXTREMELY happy. Me and my wife just returned from hawaii and it was amazing...paid next to nothing.

Gold Crown Resorts - Idaho, Coeur dAlene / non-performance


We "bought" into the 3, 995 special.. a free vacation to Las Vegas, weeee... it's been a year and we haven't even been able to book. Every time I call the dates are "not available".. and the selection that was proposed to be "five star" resorts are not. Is there anyone that has effectively canceled their contract and gotten money back from these scammers?