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GNC / management

mzworkout on Aug 8, 2017
I am complaining b/c the GM, Ashley at Short Pump in Richmond VA fired my son. He has been with the company for almost 2 1/2 years, part time, never called in sick, never came in late, made his numbers. Yet when the new manager of his store forgets to take down the sales sign and never tells my son the sale has ended, my son sells items at the sale price, he gets fired. A week prior to his firing, his new manager told him everyone in the store needed to stop selling items at the sales price and my son understood. He sold items at sales price 1.5 months ago and no one ever told him to stop...

GNC / Won't stand behind lousy product

Snibol on Oct 21, 2014
I purchased a bottle of GNC Hip and Joint health dreamy peanut butter flavor for dogs. I have 7 and NOT ONE (1) will eat this. So I took it back to the store, they said they couldn't return them so I called the toll free number and although the person was nice they did nothing to replace or refund the product. They wanted to blame the store but it is GNC who made the product and they won't stand behind it. I paid $50.00 for this bottle of what has to be really bad product as I have said I have 7 dogs and not one will eat this crap.

GNC - Pennsylvania, Hummelstown / Employee made me feel Uncomfortable

This review is based on the employee... I love the product at GNC...I have shopped at the GNC store in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, located right beside Kmart, 3 times.. Every time I go into the store, there is a creepy old guy who works there. He makes everyone feel uncomfortable. I've had numerous people have the same experience as me. My first experience at this store, I went into the store with my friend and we were looking to buy whey protein... This guy kept suggesting that we buy horny goat weed, and telling us about his sexual life at home. He continued to follow us around the store...

GNC - Colorado, Durango / Employee

DisgustedCustomer8 on Apr 16, 2013
A couple works together at the GNC in the mall in Durango, CO. They constantly engage in PDA and it is extremely unprofessional. They do not pay attention to customers, let alone stop when one is present. This unprofessional behavior has caused me to take my business elsewhere where I can get real customer service.

GNC / False Advertising

5ad Cust0m3r on Oct 13, 2011
On October 4, 2011 I received an email stating "Web Only 20% off our entire site for shoppers we miss the most" - The email stated that the "discount was applied when you shop through this email" - so I clicked on the email for the "20% entire site." I ordered three items - GNC Joint Vitamins, Gaspari Phenorex and Gaspari Spirodex. The check out didn't give me the 20% off as promised so I called customer support before pressing "submit order." The customer service rep so "go ahead and press sumbit and I'll run up to management to get the discount." They called a few days later and...

GNC / Gold Card Rip Off

Coach_P on Jul 1, 2011
I went into my local GNC about a month ago;. While in there I was told by one of the employees about how great the gold card was?. I was told that I could save 30-50% off and if I used the protein that I was purchasing on a regular basis that it would pay for itself the next month.. Since I am all about saving money I purchased the Gold Card, . I went into that local store today and I was told by the cashier that I have to use the gold card during the first week of the month only'. Explain to me why I need to spend money on a discount program that the company tells me when I can use it?...

GNC / Bad service

Curtlarry on Apr 27, 2011
So tired of the consistant desparate routine the corporate stores bother us. Its so embarrasing for those pathetic soles!.You will only be directed toward GNC products only! AMP BRAND protein!! Over priced multis etc!!! AND THEY SELL DRUG MASKING DRINKS AND INOSITOL POWDER!! GREAT FOR CUTTING COKE!!!but ask cause they keep it hidden!! Its all about making there numbers, or they will let u go!!! They set weekly goals how many gold cards, multi vitamins and they call it P3, these are gnc high profit supplements.So next time you go to GNC spit out that chewable they force at you.OMS (one more...

GNC / Crook manager

Varsar on Apr 12, 2011
I purchased vitamins from GNC store in my area and the sales person didn't give me a receipt for my purchase. I find that out when I got home so I went the following day to return the product after I read bad reviews and horror stories here but to my surprise the same salesperson who happened to be the manager said their return policy is to have the receipt or I can get store credit! I am so upset and angry because he simply made his $$ and made sure to keep my receipt so I can't return the product. I will call GNC headquarters and I hope I get somewhere with them to refund my money!

GNC / Overcharged debit card and won't refund money

Dreese11 on Mar 10, 2011
Over a month ago I tried to purchase some items at my local GNC store. The employee helping me at the time told me that my card didn't go through and I paid with cash. later that week I saw that my card was indeed charged I went to the store and they informed me that I would have to go through the Corporate customer service department. I was told by the C.S. dept. that they in fact identified the error and that my card would be refunded. I waited one week and never saw the charge refunded. I called back and was informed that a mistake was made and they would refund my money immediately...

GNC / Stay away from their membership!

Delcarmennyc on Feb 21, 2011
I only wish I had read this blog prior to walking in to a store! What a scam. They offer a membership for discount purchases but ONLY for the 1st seven days of the month. I ordered online, they received my order then after the 7 day period, they notified me they were out of stock and I was not able to purchase the product with the discount as too much time had elapsed. When contacting their Customer Service, I was basically told, "sorry". No additional offer was made or service provided. Now in addition to having spent money on a so called membership, I must purchase my products without...

GNC / Awful company

I normally have purchased products from this GNC, over the last couple of months and recently i purchased these protein shakes, that had gone off, although were still within their expiry date but could not be consumed. I returned to the store and was saw the same person who had served me a couple of days ago and informed them that although i didn't have the initial receipt anymore, i wished to exchange them. I was then informed by the same sales person who recognized me, that she could not do so because i did not have receipt and that because there was one missing from the pack i...

GNC / Rip-off!

I brought the GNC GOLD Card membership earlier this year(which i thought was a good deal ) because i could get 20% off for the first seven days of the month for the entire year. But for past 2-3 months i have noticed that the prices of products are invariably high during the first seven days of the months and after the first week the price of the product reduces.This totally negates the advantage of having the GOLD CARD. I am not making this up i have facts. On June 30th 2008 sale Price of (2.07L bs) -- Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard� Double Rich Chocolate was $25.99 ...
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