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GlobalTech - MCI Inmate Services Complaints & Reviews

GlobalTech - MCI Inmate Services / Blocked calls!


Again, my phone has been blocked by a company that I have not idea about. It was previously blocked because I needed to set up an inmate account, which I had to find out from my sister about. It's a shame that when you try to talk to someone, the people you're talking to do not know enough english to adequately assist you. This is outrageous. Just because you have loved ones that is incarcerated, they nor should there family members have to be subjected to such piss poor service. Now, that I've set up the account, I have not received a bill to pay, and I will not pay no...

GlobalTech - MCI Inmate Services / This company is a joke!


I have been using MCI for two years with a prepaid account which has been working out well until MCI was bought out or contracted GlobalTech. This company is a joke. I haven't been able to speak to my husband for three weeks because they can't do there job right. They don't speak enough English to take your credit card info correctly to process your request. If you don't have to hold for an hour and a half you get transfered from rep to rep and then disconnected. When I asked where the call center is located at I have been told Argentina and Baghdad. WHAT!!! Come on now...