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Globalinx Complaints & Reviews

Globalinx / Don't give there people your bank info


I had 2 services with these people the videophone which in and of itself is a joke. didn't use the junk not one time and when i called to cancel the service after giving them over forty dollars for seven months I was to be charged a service fee off $99, well guess what they stole $207.42 out of my account and when i called them they said that all they owed me back was $40 and well guess what it has yet to hit my account. I was an independent rep for them and i'm so glad I saw the light before I dared sold another service. You will not get rich from this. the most important thing to them is getting you to recruit people to get their $500 to join. Do not get this service

Globalinx / Scam


I signed up with Globalinx because a family member assured me that it was a less expensive service. Let me tell you, it is true what they say, you get what you pay for and the less you pay, the worse service you get. In which case, you wound up paying more because essentially, you are paying for nothing and that it what I did, pay for nothing. On the first day I got the box in my mail, I tried to connect it and use it... it did not work!!! I called up Globalinx to ask them why it was not working, they proceeded to tell me that I had to fax a letter to them giving them permission to port my...

Globalinx / Rip off


-dragging out the porting procedures so that they can continue to bill you for the temporary number, while you're still being billed by your current telephone service provider (by the way - that's illegal). Globalinx may tell you that that their having issues with porting your, or don't know where your number is in the process; but, just threaten to cancel - globalinx will have it completed the next day. -charging your debit/credit card all kinds of ridiculous amounts of money and charging of your card after you've canceled their service. - ridiculous hold times when speaking...

Globalinx / Unauthorized charges


Globalinx was supposed to port my number from Vonage to Globalinx. They sent me the phone adapter, which I had to pay for, and never ported my number. I never took the phone adapter out of the box, and continue to use Vonage while I waited for them to port my number. They never ported my number, but charged me $35 a month for a service that I never used. Every month I would receive an email invoice saying that my balance was $0.00, so I thought they weren't charging me until they ported over my service. When I checked my bank account I realized they were charging me. I called to request...

Globalinx - New York, Rochester / Charged for items


I purchased phone service and equipment from this company and never received. I placed mumerous of calls and the CSR agent continued to tell me to call back in a frew days and I did and nothing was never done, but I was told they would submit my comnplaint to the supervisor it took the supervisor 9 days to return my call. I was placed on hold for over 22 minutes and then was hung up on 4 times. I asked then to stop billing me monthly service cause I still do not have their equipment and yet they still bill me for monthly service. Now agent name Tina called me and told me that they will not...

Globalinx / Stay away from them


The greatest mistake you will ever make. They always always over charge. Then they will charge you 65 dollars every two weeks. Does that make sense at all. I cut of my service and guess what they charged 111 dollars when our phone bill is 19.99. At first all think its a big deal how cheap. But they have planned ahead to suck u dry. Beside their service is so poor. Phone always cuts of and it drains the internets speed. Once we cut off the home phone, our internet has been impeccable. Never never never.

Globalinx / What a rip off


Brought to us by a supposed friend. Our other friends warned us that the company was not safe. Why we didn't listen is beyond me. We had good service with Vonage but switch to help a friend. It has been the experience from ***. I could not receive faxes because of the poor quality of the Globalinx equipment. When we were forced to cancel they continue to bill us for services we were no longer receiving. They charged us an early cancellation fee even though we signed up for month-to-month service. When we talk to customer service and ask for a manager none are available but they assure us we will receive a call back from them. The call never comes but the charges never end.