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Aug 16, 2014

I ordered some parts for my computer from the website The seller turned to be total scammer, ‘coz he intentionally sent me wrong parts, but when I contacted him, this jerk promised to change them, but he told me that it would take a lot of time. After that I waited 6 weeks and again I heard only promises to change the parts. Not recommended company and please post comments. / Stay away from Global Direct Parts

Aug 15, 2012

Stay away from Global Direct Parts. I bought several parts from them before finally giving up. What you buy is rarely what you get. If you call to ask questions like, "Does this item come with the adhesive backing?" if they answer the phone, they either can't tell you if it does or not or worse, tell you it does when it doesn't. They have terrible customer service when you have a problem. As for their guides- there are better tips by 12 year olds on you tube. Bottom line is, You can find parts cheaper on Amazon where at least you get some sense of responsibility from the vendor.