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Global Supplements Complaints & Reviews

Global Supplements / charged for 3 products instead of 1


i ordered from the site one bottle of glucosamine-chondroitin supplement.that would be at about 20 dollars with the postal cost...instead of that, i received 3 bottles and i was charged for 60, 00 dollars! notice that i never got an invoice through my mail, informing me about the total cost i was going to be charged, as every loyal and serious company does... when i emailed them they just said, that at the bottom of their main page there is "about us" where they refer that when it is for international shipping the minimum is 3 bottles! so they claim that when u have to...

Global Supplements - British Columbia / scam


This company is complete scam. They take your oder and send a dubious looking order confirmation which is never followed by a shipment info. When you try to write them back the email address bounces back as non existent. If you make the mistake of ordering call you credit card company and immediately cancel your card before they get the chance to bill you.

Global Supplements / Charged extra on credit card


I ordered L-Arginine and IGF-1 Lipo Spray, one of each and when I received the order there wer TWO of the Lipo Sprays and an extra $39.99 charged to my credit card i did not authorize. It took MANY emqils to get a return address and thne I returned the excess goods with signature required, they have as yet signed for the good nor credited my credit card with a refund. VERY poor business practices! I would not buy from them again nor would I recommend them to anyone.

Global Supplements / Non delivery of goods purchased


Dear Dirs, we have purchased two (2) 90 softgels each bottles of MSM Glucosamine under their "Buy 2 and get one free offer" and therefore we should have received three (3) such bottles. The reference number they informed for the purchase order is GSS6921-1224868530. The total amount of the purchase was to be of $33.85 (2 x $13.95 + shipment $5.95). The purchase took place in the end of October and so far we did not receive anything in spite of the fact that the credit card has already been charged for the purchase. By the way, the credit card charge came as $64.80 instead of the $ 33.85...