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Global Business Funding Complaints & Reviews

Global Business Funding - Nevada, Las Vegas / grant scam


Gave this company $1500.00 over a year ago to retain them to apply for grants for my small woman owned business. After a few months they called again to try to get several thousand more to write a business plan. I had one professionally written myself. sent it and received no ackowledment. Lately (this week) they have been calling saying they have me matched with a source which wants to give me a grant for $200.000.00 but I will need to spend $1500.00 more to have their company verify our tax records, etc. Any CPA should be qualified to do this. Right? This company needs to be shut down...

Global Business Funding - Nevada / SCAM


My company is in the process of getting a grant with Global Business Funding (or so it seemed). First they asked us for the ‘retainer’ fee – which seemed legitimate due to the fact that companies hire staff just to write up grants so the retainer fee seemed fair. Then they asked for a business plan, which we didn’t have one as lengthy as they required, so we paid them to prepare a business plan. This was highly costly but we did receive the final business plan in a binder and on a CD. With each step we were told, like a carrot on a string, that...