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Glamour Extensions Complaints & Reviews

Glamour Extensions / Defective Product. Bad Service.

Aug 20, 2013

I ordered some clip on bangs, and they are defective. The top layer of hair is not full enough and the stitching holding it together shows right through it. I was willing to exchange it for something different since this seems to be a design defect rather than an individual one. The other problem with it is that the bangs are too wide which makes them look unnatural. I made several attempts to return the product, but never received a call back or return e-mail. I would've been willing to exchange it, but since they were not cooperative I decided to go through my credit card company instead since they gave me no choice. Sorry Jodi.

Glamour Extensions / Item took 26 days and was mailed even after I said I wanted my money back

Apr 18, 2011

Recieved item, box had been peirced on both sides the what looks like a razor blade or sharp item. Seller made statement that item may not be returned if opened. The box was split on both sides when i recieved it as to insure I couldnt return item. Not even heavy postal handling could have slit the box that bad. As a buyer who wanted to return the item I would've insured that the box hadnt been opened at all. I have taken photos and have two witnesses who witnessed me taking it out of the postal envelope. Seller claimed it was shipped Friday the 8th. When infact the item via USPS tracking...