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GetVCC Complaints & Reviews

GetVCC / Scam alert!

Aug 08, 2016

Since I gave them the money I never heard anything back. At the beginning GetVCC customer service rep seemed nice and explained all the details. I gave them money and that's all. I was supposed to get a payment confirmation but never got it. When I contacted customer service they said I'll get my confirmation message within 30 minutes but I never received it. I tried to get a refund and I'm still trying. Contacted PayPal and asked for help but they also can't do anything about GetVCC. Do not deal with this scam company!

GetVCC / Everything

Feb 10, 2016

I was bought ebay account and paypal account but once i paid him he was banned me. He was talk in chat when i ill pay he ill be mail automatic, But he was not delivered anything. SO anyone dont buy anything from him cause he was big cheater and great scammer . He was owner of and now runing so stop this scammer