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George Gollin Complaints & Reviews

George Gollin - Illinois, Champaign / George Gollin Violates Campaign Law

Nov 5, 2013

George Gollin Violates FTC "Astroturfing" Campaign Law A candidate for the 13th Congressional district in Illinois has violated federal laws designed to prevent "astroturfing, " the use of paid endorsements without disclosure, according to legal experts. George Gollin, a self-described "crackpot" college professor running his first campaign for any public office, has an endorsement posted on his Facebook campaign site. That endorsement consists of a picture of a homely woman with a grotesque, horse-toothed grin, and bears the caption "I'm voting for George because..." The woman in the picture...

George Gollin - Illinois, Champaign / George D Gollin, George Dana Gollin


Psycho stalker mental case George Gollin is harassing, threatening, stalking everyone who disagrees with his radical Marxist views! I have nothing to do with any "diploma mill" but this dangerous, violence-prone nutcase has been threatening me on the internet. He already is being sued in federal court for slander and extortion, but he needs to be put in jail for the safety of innocent people.